The office workspaces are open plan encouraging networking and collaboration. Partition walls between areas can be closed off to create new meeting spaces. This also helps to reduce energy consumption by only using services that are required as required. The space is broken up into zones that can be closed off to minimise energy consumption. There are three types of lighting – general, task and ambient lighting. All workstations have a combination of the three so they can be used as needed.

Breakout pods offer employees the opportunity to rest and re-charge their batteries. Taking a minimal space it allows for a moment of quiet contemplation in the hectic day. Making them more affective in return.

The central point in the office area is the ‘Think Tank, it is designed to create a WOW factor for visitors and clients and also be the gathering point for idea generation. Set literally in the centre of the office it’s the showcase location of the space with all activity happening in and around it.

The feel in here is modern and fresh with a statement pendant and mint designer chairs. This is a room that is comfortable to be in when generating fresh ideas as well as business. A room for both business and leisure.

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